Do you know what "public" really means?

Posted by The Red Devil on Monday, April 30, 2012 in , , , ,
Not to freak you out, but I guess the whole point is for you to be freaked out.

How "public" do you want to be? I mean, we've seen, read and heard about the horror stories of people being fired from their jobs because of something they've tweeted about or posted on Facebook. Employers now can just look on your Facebook page and make a judgement on how you are as an individual and whether you're being truthful about what you've written on your application.

How public do you want your life to be? With more and more people on social networking sites, how much of your life do you really want other people to see? I'm an actress and a struggling one at that, I would be a total hypocrite if I say that I don't like publicity. Of course I want to be popular! Being popular is the key to success in this industry. Once you're popular, then you can prove that you have range. However, I don't want EVERYTHING about my life to be made available for the entire galaxy to see.
There are certain parts of my life that I would like to keep private (hence this blog as opposed to my official website's blog) and I would like to keep the detailed notes of my mood swings during my period, very much private. Thank you.
Now, having blabbered with all that, have you ever stopped and thought about how "public" you are on the internet?

You're totally freaking out and checking your privacy settings on Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare, aren't you?


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