Things that make me laugh

In this crazy screwed up world, you have got to find ways to make you laugh. Because if you don't laugh, you cry. And crying is a bummer... So, that said, here are some things that make me smile and laugh:

This is a lengthy read but I swear by the holes on Spongebob's body, it's a very good read.

This was originally for my daughter. I kept it for myself instead because not only was it hilarious, it's cute too.

Early Call Center... hehehe

Only in the Philippines can you see something like this. 

Corporate slaves will understand this and laugh...and then cry right after because it's so true...

Maraming katanungan ang ibinunga ng litratong ito. Naghihirap na ba si Jollibee at sumasabit na lang sya? Sobrang bigat at taba na ba nya at di na nya kayang lumipad?

You know, on a really geeky level, Dave and I have figured out a way to make this work. If you re-adjust the keys so that it would hit just one specific assigned spot and then fit the roller with a touch screen layout which is the same as the keys, you can just connect that to the TV so long as the TV has the proper connectors, attache the mouse and VOILA! You have a working "computer typewriter".

Epic facepalm, move over. I'm going to do a Pink Floyd Facepalm.

Pinoy ingenuity at work.

The kids wanted to eat a rainbow. So, I gave them rainbow pancakes. 

This is one of the reasons why I love taking public transportation. Not only do I help save the planet and support local transportation companies and their employees, I also get to see interesting people and what interesting stuff they do while on the bus.
 This man was reading a music sheet. He was also slowly waving his hand, as if he were a conductor. He probably is, or a music teacher at the very least. 

Now see here, Windows. Why do you give me the option to cancel an action when the truth is, you can't cancel the operation?! 


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